Sidewalk Chalk

I think mothers have a love/hate relationship with sidewalk chalk. Yay, it keeps them so busy for more than five minutes! Oh, no! I will now spend triple the amount of occupied minutes afterward bathing them! Worth it, though. Am I right?

083113 Crookston 007

083113 Crookston 008

083113 Crookston 009

083113 Crookston 010

083113 Crookston 011

083113 Crookston 012

Cheezball smile alert.

083113 Crookston 013

083113 Crookston 015

September 16, 2013 - 9:35 pm

Mom - It still isn’t completely washed off since it doesn’t seem to rain here very often. Makes me smile when I see it.

Summer Splash

We have had road construction on our road all summer. We had temporary water for a few weeks, so we couldn’t use the sprinkler and had to get creative to cool off. I’m glad we did, because this lovely series of photos came out of a night of playing in buckets.

061613 Splash 001

061613 Splash 002

061613 Splash 007

061613 Splash 005

061613 Splash 013

061613 Splash 024

061613 Splash 017

061613 Splash 018

061613 Splash 019

061613 Splash 032

061613 Splash 033

Daddy helps even the accounts. Oh my!

061613 Splash 035

061613 Splash 036

Then began a show only rivaled by Cirque de Soleil…

061613 Splash 040

061613 Splash 042

061613 Splash 043

061613 Splash 044

061613 Splash 045

061613 Splash 049

Little brother, who was in awe for the entire performance, then decided he needed to put on his own show.

061613 Splash 050

061613 Splash 051

061613 Splash 053

It was more of a comedy than hers, but well worth the ticket price.:)

Can we just talk about how they’re too little for this?

As is the mantra of most parents everywhere, “Where does the time go?” My little man starting preschool and my daughter in first grade already (and often mistaken for a 3rd grader). So far the school year is going well!

090313 First Day of School 001

First Day of School 2013 002

A first day of school tradition…chocolate chip cookies!

090313 First Day of School 007

October 10, 2013 - 7:19 pm

jen - LOVE their aprons!!

Jaylee – 15 months

I love watching my niece’s progress. She was already walking at her first birthday, but she has taken movement to a whole new level now. I had to run (sometimes backwards) to keep up with her! We did a session at a park in Mom and Dad’s hometown, which was pretty fun!

Watch me kick off my boots again, Mom!:)

There’s that face I love again!!

September 11, 2013 - 10:48 pm

Pam - You captured her personality again. Great job.

Ryan & Melissa – Nicollet Island Pavilion Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to Ryan and Melissa’s wedding at Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis ever since we did their engagement photos there last year. Their relationship was highlighted by the wedding party during some funny and touching speeches that had everyone laughing and tearing up. And you wouldn’t know it by looking at these photos, but it was pushing 100 degrees that day; they were great sports about getting out in the heat.

They planned their color scheme to coordinate with the pavilion (and their last name!) very tastefully. And, they happened to have a fabulous team of vendors working to make every tiny detail perfect for their big day. So glad to work with the talented ladies of Maven Floral and Paper Rock Scissor again!

As you’ll see in the photos, Goldy Gopher showed up. I’m pretty sure that was the second most exciting part of everyone’s evening (after the actual wedding, of course). He was a pretty popular guy for photo opps the rest of the night! And he sure can dance…

Thank you for the beautiful day, Ryan and Melissa, and I hope you have an even more beautiful marriage!

September 10, 2013 - 11:14 pm

Mom - Beautiful pictures!

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