Around here this time of year…

I really hate being in stores this time of year. I honestly try to be done shopping before Thanksgiving if I can (and sometimes I can’t) so that I can just relax and enjoy the activities on our Advent calendar, our Christmas books, our Jesse Tree readings. Without school, we’ve had some free time to be in our jammies, sip hot drinks, read books, make Christmas-y drawings and crafts…it’s been fun! What have you been up to?

Custom Proof Box

There are so many great perks about my job, but one is getting my hands on lovely products before I ship them out to clients. When Baby Emma had her newborn photos taken, her parents ordered this custom proof box to go with their digital package. What a great keepsake!

October 30, 2014 - 11:20 am

Amy Weisberg - What kind of maternity/baby packages do you have? How many prints do you get and how much does it cost? Please email me-I am 8 months pregnant and very interested!

Jaylee, 18 months

My baby niece is no longer really a baby (but I’ll keep pretending…heck, I still call my kids “Baby” and they’re much older than her). We had the privilege of being able to shoot indoors in a room with lots of light in our hometown, perfect for a sub-zero day. She ran and climbed and crawled and ran some more. We were all sweaty but her by the end…haha! I am so honored to have been able to capture these moments in her life, little moments but just the beginnings of big things. Love you, J & T, and Jaylee!

For that one moment, I really think she believed her daddy could make her fly!

The L Family

It’s been just over 2 years since I shot this lovely family, back when Sadie was a wee newborn. Can’t believe how quickly the time goes! The L Family is dear to my heart. They have been part of our small group at church for the past four years, and I have gotten to be good friends with Maggie. In fact, we just got back from a girl trip to Chicago together!

Sadie’s a bit more active than she was at a week old, so you can imagine all the funny pictures that could’ve been taken of ME trying to keep up with her! Maggie’s mom also joined us for some three generation pictures. Three beautiful gals! Thanks for the honor of capturing this slice of time for you.

This one makes me laugh so hard. She was posing like a little model without even being aware she was doing it!

Adorbs! (Sorry, Mags, I couldn’t help myself. Ellie will approve.)

F a c e b o o k