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One of my family’s traditions is making Spritz cookies the weekend after Thanksgiving. We all gathered in Mom’s/Grandma’s (newly renovated) kitchen and got to work. First, Mom mixes up a big batch of dough. Then she puts it in the press and squeezes it out onto the pan. My brother hovers around, waiting for cookies […]

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Driving in the Car

My daughter learned a song with that line in it at preschool, and now it frequently pops up on our road trips.  We had a great time over Thanksgiving at Grandma’s (waaaaaay up north), then closed on our house on Tuesday, and Grandma came here to watch the kids so we could begin renovations. This […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll be on break until Monday the 29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  May you have safe travels, great time with family and a grateful heart for every blessing you can count!

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Some time off…and a new session

Hello, lovely people of the interwebs!  We have a bunch of “stuff” coming up for our family in the next few months (no, I’m not pregnant), so I will be taking it very easy as far as photography sessions go during that time.  I’m only accepting one session per month!  So, if you would like […]

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