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My boy, my sweet, mellow, happy boy, turned one today.  He’s now my toddler instead of my baby (but we mothers know they’ll always be our babies, right?). He makes my heart pitter-pat, and I’m obsessed with his chumbly cheeks, his soft little neck, and his big, no-holds-barred grins. Happy Birthday, Baby!  I love you […]

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A Biter or A Climber?

My son has been known to bite.  Hard.  However, I have noticed that he is, in a sense, using his mouth as a third hand.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a chair, a gate–he uses that little mouth to grip and climb.  It makes for some pretty funny pictures! (And yes, he does […]

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Hammy Face

My son has developed what I call his “camera face.” He will make it sometimes when there isn’t a camera around, but he usually saves it for my lens. Didn’t expect it to start at 9 months, but no matter. I think he’s cute even when he makes that face.

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Haircut Before-and-After

As promised, here’s my boy. Before, all wispy brownish-red baby sweetness… And after, blond big boy (though I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, considering how little he sat still). Waaaaaaaaah!

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