Minneapolis Spring Styled Engagement – Behind the Scenes

Beautiful settings and styling like those at Jill and Tony’s engagement session don’t come free. Tons of work was done prior to the shoot by many people to make it happen. And I want to thank all those folks as well as give a peek at our day.

Hair/Makeup: Maureen Klehr, Master Stylist and Makeup Artist
Styling: Jenny Kleven, Maven Floral & Event Styling
Location: Mike and Gretchen, owners and operators of Sweetland Orchard

Matt and Kelly, as previously photographed here and here, also happened to be friends with Jill and Tony and provided props such as the canoe and tandem bicycle. And moral support, of course.:)

top left: Maureen at work with Jill
top middle: Jenny making a garland
top right: Beauty everywhere, courtesy of Maven
middle left: Matt and Mike hauling the canoe
middle right: Jenny and Kelly being my guinea pigs
bottom left: The talented Maureen
bottom middle: Tony and Gretchen attempting to hypnotize a chicken
bottom right: Tony proving to Mike and Gretchen that it can be done!

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